Farm and Pasture

Agricultural land management Services

D.A.B. Land Management can provide herbicide, insecticide, liquid lime and liquid fertilizer application for a wide range of pest control and crop/forage production. We can spray for multiflora rose, autumn olive, honeysuckle, thistles, sand brier and many other invasive plant species. Our staff are expertly trained and certified to provide clients with technical assistance to assure the right product is used for their situation.

Vegetation control is key to proper land and soil management. D.A.B. Land Management has the specialized skills to manage vegetation both mechanically and with product application through integrated Pest Management Planning (IPM). IPM is the key to safeguarding against unwanted plants in the most economical manner possible. D.A.B. staff have been expertly trained and licensed to determine proper methods and appropriate products to address your unique situation in the most environmentally-sound manner.

*service only available in select areas.

Spraying Brushy Fence Rows With the High Pressure Gun
Hayfield Spraying With Boomless Nozzle
There is no silver bullet to brush control
Broadcast spraying with the 4-weeler
Spraying Fence Rows